timothy F. hullihan, aia   -   architect   -   north palm beach, florida

Mr. Hullihan prides himself in delivering the highest level of personal service to his clients.  To achieve this, he limits his practice to a size that allows him to be personally involved in all aspects of every project.  His clients are never relegated to junior members of his firm and they are always the beneficiaries of his personal design work.  He believes this is an essential component to achieving a deep and meaningful connection with the people who have entrusted him with the design and management of projects that are highly significant.

Timothy Hullihan also recognizes that architects can be helpful is small ways as well.  Architects offer knowledge and experience relevant to the entire design and construction process.  He believes that anyone can benefit from the advise of an architect, but the mystic of the architecture profession causes the knowledge and training of architects to be viewed as inaccessible by a large portion of the population.  Questions about a project that begin with how, how much, where, when and why can be addressed by an architect from a holistic perspective that will help broaden a shared vision for the project and position it on a path with higher potential.

In his efforts to broaden the reach of architects, Mr. Hullihan offers initial consultation services on any project, large or small, at no charge.  Please feel free to write Timothy Hullihan to convey your questions about any project you are considering.  His e-mail address is  He will write back to you in the shortest time possible.

At times, the volume of requests for his advice can run high, so please allow a few days for a reply.  Once engaged, however, you and Mr. Hullihan will enjoy an electronic dialogue regarding your project that will help unravel some of the mysteries of the design and construction world that many people enter infrequently.



Mr. Hullihan is the Architect of Record for each of the projects pictured above.

North Palm Beach,  Florida