timothy F. hullihan, aia   -   architect   -   north palm beach, florida

Timothy Hullihan received a Masters of Architecture Degree from Clemson University’s College of Architecture in 1987.  His thesis examined the common architectural themes of successful and vibrate urban places and identified several commonalities that are independent from time and architectural style.  It draws the conclusion that, although historical significance plays a part in many dynamic urban centers throughout the world (and many of these have historical landmarks center stage), numerous others have been created in the post-modern era without making reference to architectural themes of the past.  One of the most important themes of each urban center examined was the presence of a complex and memorable architectural setting, regardless of style.

Upon completion of his academic career, Mr. Hullihan obtained his license to practice architecture in the State of Florida in 1989.  His work over the past 20-plus years, like the successful urban centers, is not connected to a single architectural style.  Architectural beauty, Mr. Hullihan believes, comes from a deeper connection to place and time.  It must, above all, be a vision that is shared between architect and client.  Dedication to a singular expression limits the connection with a structure’s purpose, its inhabitants and the broad context within which it will rest.

In addition to a project resume that exceeds, in-total, $200,000,000.00 of construction, he has had the privilege of serving on several community boards since 1993.  They include The Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals for the City of West Palm Beach and the Planning Commission for the Village of North Palm Beach.

An even mixture of high-end residential projects and small to mid-range commercial projects currently define Mr. Hullihan’s practice.


Mr. Hullihan is the Architect of Record for each of the projects pictured above.

North Palm Beach,  Florida