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Architectural projects for commercial, or private sector clients present a distinct set of responsibilities and resources.  Project deliver schedules and cost structures are typically connected to a business plan or investment performa, while end-users are often speculative.

Additionally, the architectural goals of private sector clients vary widely.  National clients may have prototypical architectural guidelines in-place.  Yet, regional customers may look to their architect for the development of an architectural signature for their business.

With all architectural endeavors, however, Mr. Hullihan identifies the unique project parameters through an initial design process that quickly shapes each project’s unique set of objectives into the basis for delivering a successful product.  Mr. Hullihan has designed and managed in excess of $100,000,000.00 of commercial facilities.  He attributes his success in delivering these projects to an extensive project management background that has shaped his ability to identify and navigate efficiently through the key obstacles to any project’s development.

Additionally, Mr. Hullihan has formed several strategic alliances with general contracting firms to offer enhanced project delivery options.  The ability to offer his architectural service through the design-build development model presents another set of opportunities for his commercial clients that can reduce delivery times significantly.



Mr. Hullihan is the Architect of Record for each of the projects pictured above.

North Palm Beach,  Florida