timothy F. hullihan, aia   -   architect   -   north palm beach, florida

In this economic time with a depressed real estate market and decreased expenditures on construction, additions and renovations dominate the market for residential architecture.  Timothy Hullihan is not alone in his belief that the present conditions make expanding and upgrading an existing home more affordable than it has been in many years.

While contemplating a home addition, it is important to appreciate that it can either blend with an existing architectural statement or be the catalyst for a greater architectural presence for the entire home.  In either case, the addition should be carefully crafted so its scale, proportion and architectural expression are not disharmonious with the existing home.  In short, “an addition should not look like an addition.”

Maximizing the added value to your home should be another important consideration.  Yet, poorly crafted additions that merely add the desired square footage often leave homeowners disappointed by post-construction appraisals or offers during resale.  An addition that fails to maximize the overall appearance of the property will produce a lower return on investment.  This financial misfortune can be avoid.

Mr. Hullihan takes a comprehensive approach to the design process and leads a thoughtful exploration of all the possibilities for home improvement that are within a given budget.  Whether or not your plans include “green upgrades,” enhancements to the outdoor environment, interior improvements or a simple addition; an architect can help you craft the total package in a way that is more beautiful than you ever imagined and helps maximize your return on investment.



Mr. Hullihan is the Architect of Record for additions and renovations to each of the homes pictured above.

North Palm Beach,  Florida